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Charles Seth WWII Era Photos & Info

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Rättvik, Sweden, 1944

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Grand Hotell in 1944
Rättvik, Sweden
Courtesy of Charles Seth

"We stayed here for the 5 months of our visit to Sweden. It was a nice hotel and a nice little town."

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Grand Hotell in 2012
Now a furniture store and architect's office.
Courtesy of Pat DiGeorge

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Grand Hotell in 2000
Courtesy of Karen B. Cline

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Cigarette Points Coupon
October 1944
Rättvik, Sweden
Courtesy of Charles Seth

"These were points to buy cigarettes and most of us used them..."


State Food Commissioner
Purchase Short (?) Tobacco Products
surname and first name of the person assigned to the card
This card is not valid without the holder's name. Coupon valid for the goods (and mangoes?) for the period, as announced on the radio and the press. Card not transferable. Abuse ?????????

Brown tabs = 3 points
Green tabs = 1 point

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Movie Tickets
Rättvik, Sweden, 1944
Courtesy of Charles Seth

"We had one movie house in Rättvik. The movies were in swedish but they had crawlers across bottom of the screen in english, so we did ok."


Rättviks Cinema

Admission Ticket

The Left (side of the theater?)

Section 16, Seat 236

Stub (word on the right side)

After their crash landing in Malmö, Sweden on June 21, 1944, my great uncle Charle Seth and his B-24 crew stayed in the Grand Hotell, in Rättvik, Sweden.

To the right is a photo of the hotel where they were put up, and some other images related to their stay.

They stayed there until early December, 1944, when they were able to be transported back to the States.

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