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Earl Seth, U.S. Army WWI (1918-1919)

Earl James Seth was my great grandfather and was a member of the U.S. Army during WWI. His enlistment date was June 26th, 1918, and he was released from the service on June 11th, 1919.

(Note, WWI ended on November 11, 1918 at 11pm, but the Treaty of Versailles was not signed until June 28th, 1919)

During his service in Europe, he was hit with Mustard Gas; his sense of taste was forever after affected, and throughout his life he was known to use hot sauce on many foods so he could taste them. He also had to be careful of spoiled food, as his sense of smell was equally affected.

Born December 23rd, 1891. During his life he worked various trades, often travelling or relocating to find work. He was married to Della (Lanham) Seth, and together they had three daughters, including my grandmother Elizabeth (Seth) Curtis, and three sons, including Charles Seth. He died April 13th, 1986.