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Charles Seth WWII Era Photos & Info

Note: this is an ongoing research project. Please return often to learn more or view updated information.

Sgt. George Hamas, WWII B-24 Waist Gunner

Sgt. George Hamas was the waist gunner in my great uncle Charles Seth's flight crew during WWII at the time of the plane's crash in Malmö, Sweden. Their crew was Crew #609, 786th Bomber Squadron, 466th Bomb Group, 2nd Air Division, 8th Army Air Force

I was contacted by a gentleman by the name of Gary Nelson*, an American living in Sweden who was made aware of the existence of George's** 1911 .45 cal. handgun! As the story goes, his mother-in-law Ammie's step-father Lennart Boström was part of the Swedish Air Force in 1944 and helped George out of the wreckage of Lovely Lady's Avenger. In thanks, George gave the step-father his military issue handgun. Ammie and her husband Hasse are now in possession of it, as it has been handed down as an heirloom.

Note that this story is second hand. Ammie was young when she was told the story, and there is some mystery behind it. Specifically, according to what they know, Lennart was stationed at a Swedish air base in the middle of Sweden, not at Malmö/Bulltofta Airfield where crew #609 crash landed Lovely Lady's Avenger. The question then is how did an airman stationed in the middle of Sweden help an American out of Lovely Lady's Avenger at Bulltofta? [Just a conjecture on my part, but it may be possible that on those very busy days in June, 1944 when lots of Allied (and Axis) aircraft were landing in Sweden, especially at Bulltofta airfield, he might have been temporarily assigned there to help out.]

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* We have verified that this was George's gun by comparing his military serial # with the name and serial number on the gun's holster; see the holster images.

** Gary E Nelson is Co-Founder of the International Wargraves Photography Project