Interesting Beverages You Need To Try Today!

Flavored Teas

In recent years, the amount of tea on casual dining menus has increased by 20%. According to Mintel, the number of menu mentions for herbal infusions has increased by 12 percent just for fruit-flavored teas. 

For $3, Bonefish Grill, for instance, offers their specialty Thai Iced Tea, which is made with green tea, coconut, cream, and fresh mint.

Teas, both hot and iced were the talk of the Fancy Food Show. Matcha, a Japanese green tea, was used in a number of tea lattes. 

Lattes, cappuccinos, and dessert drinks are a few of the specialized coffee drinks that are now switching to tea, according to Hayden.

Kung Fu Tea is another renowned restaurant in America famous for its bubble teas. You can find unlimited tea flavors, once you taste them you’ll never forget.

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According to Mintel, over the previous three years, milkshake sales have increased by 9% while smoothie sales have increased by 13%. 

Although franchises like Jamba Juice have taken the lead, McDonald’s has a popular Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie. 

The QSR has become a hotspot for thick shakes made with ice cream because of Sonic’s “Summer of Shakes” promotion, which features 25 flavors. 

Drinks have replaced food as the new trend, says Hayden. “Portability and ease of use are significant contributing factors.”

Handcrafted Cocktails

Although personalized drinks take an average of 10 minutes to prepare, hand-crafted cocktails are all the rage. Cocktail batching is a popular fix. 

There are several classic cocktails that have withstood the test of time and continue to rank among the most popular drinks ordered in bars all over the world even if the choice of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages is a matter of personal preference.

Old fashioned Lemonade

Traditional lemonade is having a modern impact. According to Mintel’s research, lemonades are getting more complex; some new flavors include mango, blackberry, cherry, strawberry, and lime.

A trend to watch is using lemonade as a mixer. The popularity of the Arnold Palmer, which combines iced tea and lemonade, is rising. A popular summer drink is the Shandy, a combination of beer and lemonade.

An icy-cold, creamy lemonade drink at Checkers that is a delectable and cooling pleasure. It’s the ideal method of cooling off on a hot day. Checkers is well known for its delicious lemonades. 

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Sodas & Soft Drinks

Although sales of carbonated soft drinks in bottles and at vending machines have been declining, fizzy drinks are not extinct. 

Homemade and artisanal sodas made with premium or fresh ingredients are growing in popularity. White Grape and Chile Ginger Ale is available on tap at Chicago’s Tavernita, and Ruby Tuesday is serving Strawberry Fizz, a hand-made cocktail made with real strawberries and freshly squeezed lime.

In order to add more bells and whistles, producers and restaurants are carbonating tea and juice mixes.